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Xuxer is a software designed to simplify the processing and payroll of all new and existing Drivers for any size Taxi Base. We provide the unique solution specifically designed for handling all aspects of managing and working with the independent contractor industry of Taxi Drivers.

Our solution simplifies everything
base-to-driver related:

• Signing up drivers to your taxi base.

• Maintaining drivers’ documents up to date.

• Keeping accurate records of services provided.

• Facilitating ACH Direct Deposits via the robust Paychex Flex platform.

• Prepare and issue 1099’s directly to the Driver.

• And receiving driver dues to the base.

With Xuxer

Companies save both time and money by significantly reducing the workload and processing times. Making paper copies of driver documents is now eliminated, as well as hand-writing paychecks, and having long lines of drivers waiting at the base for their pay. Even for small-size taxi bases this can take many hours per week and more employee related costs. This problem multiplies exponentially for the larger bases. This is costly in many ways. However, what takes your team hours to do, Xuxer can do it in minutes!

Xuxer solves several logistical problems at once

both for the base as and the drivers alike. We are a very inexpensive solution to very pricey and time-consuming problems. There are currently several dispatch software companies available to bases and just as many payment providers. However, there is nothing like Xuxer.

Xuxer is an industry leading, unique software

All uploaded documents are kept up to date and drivers receive notifications of any expiring document. This protects the base as well as the driver. Once a company decides to stop working with a driver, they can turn off their profile and exclude the driver from the company’s records. Furthermore, Taxi Bases are also provided a platform where they can keep their own documents and licenses up to date securely and easily accessible.

Drivers are also profited in many ways.

Your drivers will love the transparency, efficiency, and ease of working with Xuxer. Among other great benefits, the drivers are able to:

• Sign up to the base in less than 2 minutes (The base will have all their documents)

• Manage their own documents and receive base approval or requests.

• See all their services performed.

• Keep records of their receipts and work expenses for tax purposes.

• Get paid directly to their bank account.

• And so much more!.

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